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Science and Faith: Enemies or Allies?

September 16th, 2017


Join us on September 16th as we host well-know biochemist, speaker and apologist, Dr. Fazale Rana, for a half-day symposium on the integration of science and faith. Currently Dr. Rana serves as the Vice President of Research & Apologetics at Reasons to Believe, an organization dedicated to showing that sound reason and science can help us build confidence in theism and the Bible.

Our day will be broken up into two lectures as well as two question and answer times. The first lecture will address the question: does scientific advance undermine the belief in God's existence and the credibility of Scripture? While the second lecture will address the question whether there is any scientific evidence for a historical Adam.

Our time together will be appropriate for Christians, Non-Christians and those with or without a strong scientific background. All our welcome to come!